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StayLinked & Zebra Savanna Data Services

Posted by Randy Provence on Jun 6, 2019 11:45:54 AM

This week, Zebra announced the launch of Savanna Data Services, a new capability that is, according to their announcement, part of Zebra's breakthrough data intelligence platform, Zebra Savanna™, which allows adopters to collect and process data from Zebra hardware in real time, turning raw data into actionable insights. The platform is designed to help unlock the potential of data to build more intelligent, productive applications. StayLinked has been a proud global partner with the Savanna platform since it was first announced by Zebra in September 2017.

“We recently used the Savanna platform to enhance our ability to deliver customers a complete view of their operations,” said Justin Griffith, CTO, StayLinked, also an ISV partner with Zebra. “We were able to easily link to the Savanna platform, extract valuable Zebra device information as well as complement and enhance our StayLinked iQ™ data, allowing us to help our customers accurately measure everything that impacts productivity to give them a competitive edge.”

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StayLinked Strengthens Position as Innovation Leaders, Attains Record Growth, Expands in EMEA

Posted by Randy Provence on Feb 12, 2019 12:22:30 PM

As the leaders of innovative terminal emulation solutions for the supply chain industry, StayLinked once again recorded impressive growth in 2018 with a 44% increase in license revenues and further expansion into the European market.

StayLinked continued to strengthen its presence in EMEA with the hiring of Guido Grefen as Technical Account Manager to take on collaboration with channel partners, device manufacturers, and application providers. The move comes as a response to increased demand for StayLinked products in Europe, where companies are continuing to migrate from legacy Terminal Emulation to the reliability and security of the StayLinked architecture and SmartTE application modernization.

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Does your Terminal Emulation software require MDM?

Posted by Randy Provence on Aug 30, 2018 8:39:49 AM

Managing Your Terminal Emulation Applications the Right Way

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a critical part of any enterprise warehouse operation, especially in managing and securing large numbers of mobile devices (StayLinked is a proud SOTI partner). It simplifies the security and management of multi-vendor, multi form-factor and multi-operating devices in a multi-purpose mobility ecosystem. And when it comes to managing Terminal Emulation, spending time on unnecessary hurdles to manage and update software can waste time, human resources, and money. A software management approach that introduces unnecessary steps can compromise productivity and create headaches for your IT department. With StayLinked's integrated server solution, you have complete control. If any change needs to be made, all devices across the enterprise are updated, in real-time without deploying a single file, and without having to rely on additional software. In fact, when evaluating an enterprise-grade Terminal Emulation solution, we highly recommend asking these questions:

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StayLinked Teams with Manhattan Associates at Momentum 2018 to Showcase Modernized TE

Posted by Randy Provence on May 17, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Momentum 2018: Showcasing the world's most advanced TE Solution 

StayLinked will be on hand at Manhattan's Momentum 2018 in Hollywood, Florida, May 21-24, to showcase the latest advancements in Terminal Emulation for Manhattan Associates applications.

StayLinked SmartTE is fueling the massive migration from Windows-based devices to touchscreen Android mobile devices in the supply chain. The latest release, v14.4, introduces innovative features which further cements SmartTE as the premier TE Modernization solution for the industry. 

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StayLinked unveils Zebra Savanna Integration

Posted by Randy Provence on May 10, 2018 10:45:00 AM

StayLinked iQ Debuts Revolutionary Platform with Zebra's Savanna

StayLinked and Zebra Technologies unveiled the first look at the integrated StayLinked iQ and Zebra Savanna platform in Malta at Zebra EMEA CPS 2018. StayLinked iQ delivers intelligence and actionable insight to Terminal Emulation customers, and, in partnership with Zebra, will continue to facilitate the development of vertically-oriented applications using edge data and associated insights from Savanna. Highlights from the presentation included a live demonstration of a Zebra mobile computers showing real-time data as the device went through a series of events, including a device being dropped to the floor, a battery replacement, and real-time streaming alerts.

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Modernize Terminal Emulation applications in one hour? We'll show you how! View the Webinar!

Posted by Randy Provence on Aug 15, 2017 10:04:18 AM

We're excited to announce our live TE Modernization Webinar that will show you in detail how to modernize your Terminal Emulation applications in less than an hour, without ever having to touch the host application. StayLinked Europe General Manager, Padraig Regan, will host this hour-long presentation where he will dive into the process of modernizing your applications for the latest state-of-the-art devices. No other product on the market allows you to do this and we'll show you why.

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StayLinked & Zebra: Accelerate Migration to Android

Posted by Randy Provence on Jun 8, 2017 10:30:00 AM

We continue traveling throughout Europe to promote the latest software advancements in Modernized Terminal Emulation. This upcoming week, Padraig Regan (StayLinked GM, EMEA) and Zebra Technologies will be in Prague demonstrating how to successfully accelerate migration to Android using StayLinked SmartTE. Attendees will learn how StayLinked SmartTE removes barriers to adoption of full touchscreen Android devices. They'll also see how reliable automatic terminal emulation modernization, innovative data input, and TE analytics combine to pull customers through the OS migration process to the next generation of Zebra mobile devices. Attendees will leave this session with the ability to run their own live SmartTE demos.

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StayLinked SmartTE: Terminal Emulation Modernization That Just  Works!  (WEBINAR RECORDING)

Posted by Staff Writer on Nov 10, 2016 8:15:00 AM


WATCH NOW! StayLinked is Modernizing Terminal Emulation

With StayLinked SmartTE, you can apply touchscreen capabilities to your warehouse applications right out of the box. With a combination of hardware types from different manufacturers you know how hard it can be to choose a software solution that can work seamlessly across your devices.

You may have seen some of the vendor-specific solutions of all stripes that claim to modernize your backend application on your device with ease. But if you talk to anyone who has actually tried these software approaches, you’ll often hear the same refrain: It doesn’t work! At StayLinked, the folks we’ve talked to who are actively looking for an alternative are amazed at not only how well SmartTE works, but how easy it is to use. 

See what StayLinked can do to help modernize your warehouse applications by watching the StayLinked Webinar: Terminal Emulation Modernization That Just Works!

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The StayLinked Difference: Modernization that Works

Posted by Staff Writer on Nov 1, 2016 8:30:00 AM

The StayLinked Difference

In previous weeks, we've discussed the different aspects of StayLinked's Terminal Emulation (TE) solution: Modernization with SmartTE, the ability to run TE across multiple devices, and the ability to gain insights into your business processes with StayLinked iQ. With all of these benefits highlighted, we'd like to illustrate the ways StayLinked helps make your enterprise more efficient than any other approach can, and explain how StayLinked does it: Advanced Single-Server Architecture, Fair Licensing, Full Integration, and Embedded Business Intelligence.

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StayLinked iQ™ + SmartTE: Optimizing Business Processes in the Modernized Warehouse

Posted by Staff Writer on Oct 25, 2016 5:30:00 AM

Measuring Warehouse Productivity

In the previous weeks on the StayLinked Blog we’ve discussed how StayLinked SmartTE enables you to leverage new devices in modernizing Terminal Emulation applications. This week, we’re highlighting one of the more advanced features of the SmartTE environment: StayLinked iQ.

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