Enhance Operational Efficiency and Accuracy with Urovo & StayLinked


We're excited to announce that Urovo, a specialist provider of ultra-rugged mobile computers and warehouse terminals, has partnered with StayLinked, and will be hosting a webinar on February 2, 2024, at 3pm CEST, to demonstrate to resellers the benefits for them of this partnership. Details and registration for the webinar can be found on the dedicated page by clicking the registration button below.



The webinar will highlight how customers can enhance operational efficiency and accuracy thanks to the coming together of Urovo and StayLinked. While for resellers, the webinar will show them how integrating Urovo's ultra-rugged mobile computers with StayLinked's terminal emulation software can significantly broaden their product offerings. Resellers will gain insights into the competitive advantages this partnership brings, including simplified deployment processes, reduced maintenance overhead, and the ability to address diverse customer needs. Attendees will also learn about the comprehensive support and training programs available for resellers, ensuring a smooth and successful integration of Urovo and StayLinked solutions into their portfolios.


Urovo is committed to providing its partners with the most advanced terminal emulation solutions available, especially for its rugged and highly reliable hardware, including devices such as the RT40 and DT50S. That is why Urovo has partnered with StayLinked's state-of-the-art terminal emulation technology.


StayLinked's server-based architecture offers built-in session persistence and seamlessly connects Urovo's mobile devices to host-based applications, offering a secure, high-performance solution. StayLinked's trusted technology has a proven track record across various industries, including manufacturing, warehousing, transportation & logistics, 3PL, and retail.


Jeffrey Huang, Managing Director of Urovo Europe BV, said, "This exciting partnership with StayLinked ensures that our partners benefit from the best terminal emulation possible. This collaboration opens up new possibilities for improving efficiency and resilience in warehouse operations."


Raymond Wolfert, Channel Sales Director, EMEA, of StayLinked Corporation, said, “This is fantastic news for Urovo partners and resellers. They can now access user-friendly terminal emulation solutions, without the hassle of complex coding and scripting. Partners can easily offer workflow improvements for warehousing and logistics customers, helping them get the best ROI. Moreover, StayLinked solutions come with robust session management, seamless integration, and enhanced data security, ensuring a worry-free experience for our partners and their clients.”