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StayLinked and the Warehouse of the Future: Automation and Supply Chain IoT Solutions for TE

Posted by Randy Provence on Oct 25, 2017 10:02:00 AM

StayLinked and IoT: The Bright Future of Terminal Emulation

If you've heard us speak at any of the events we've recently attended, then you're aware that we see a bright future for Terminal Emulation. Of course, StayLinked SmartTE is a big part of that bright future, but in this post we're going to step farther into the future to explore how Terminal Emulation will extend its relevance into technologically-advanced warehouses. 

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Topics: Warehouse Management System, Terminal Emulation, Scaling

StayLinked named one of five global partners for Zebra's recently announced Savanna IoT Platform

Posted by Randy Provence on Oct 12, 2017 10:00:00 AM

StayLinked is named Partner for Zebra's Savanna IoT Platform

On September 26, Zebra unveiled Savanna, a real-time visibility platform that gives Zebra hardware customers insights into certain asset and operational data sets, and announced a partnership with StayLinked to bring this unique value to their customers.

In recent years, new operating systems (Android and Windows 10) and new innovative device form factors (e.g. Zebra's TC8000, which lacks a physical keyboard) have introduced major changes into this space. StayLinked's collaboration with Zebra has increased significantly and some of these new features (e.g. StayLinked SmartTE and StayLinked Smart Keyboard) have made vast improvements to the user experience on these new Zebra devices and have helped significantly with Android adoption across the industry.

StayLinked’s most recent innovation is StayLinked iQ, a product which delivers intelligence and actionable insight to Terminal Emulation customers. "Most of these TE environments have been starved of valuable information over the past 15 years," says Padraig Regan, who guides StayLinked Labs, an innovation-focused research and development group within the company. "Now, we can provide our customers with real worker productivity data and highlight what actions need to be taken to improve and maximize productivity. There is a lot of anticipation and excitement in the market around the product which is due to be released commercially in the first quarter of 2018."

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Topics: Warehouse Management System, Terminal Emulation, Scaling

Warehouse Innovation: StayLinked + Advantech-DLoG

Posted by Randy Provence on Sep 19, 2017 10:21:06 AM

StayLinked and Advanatech-DLoG offer an Innovative Look into the Future of Terminal Emulation, the Warehouse, and the Supply Chain

StayLinked is thrilled to be a part of an exchange of experiences among professionals at the Advantech-DLoG Partner Conference 2017. The conference will take place on Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 in the Innovation Hub in Germering, Germany.

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Topics: Warehouse Management System, Terminal Emulation, Scaling, Advantech DLoG

Scaling with StayLinked: As Easy as Raspberry Pi

Posted by Staff Writer on Jun 9, 2016 11:14:49 AM

Raspberry Pi and StayLinked

It’s likely that many of you are familiar with Raspberry Pi, the single-board computer from the UK that measures roughly the size of a credit card and sells for less than US $40. Though designed for use primarily in education and meant for distribution in developing countries, the tiny computer has grown in popularity over the past couple of years and has sold in the millions of units worldwide. Here at StayLinked Headquarters in Tustin, California, we thought it might be interesting to see how well the StayLinked Server not only installed on such modest hardware, but how efficiently the software performed, and whether or not it could scale to handle hundreds‒‒or even thousands‒‒of concurrent terminal emulation sessions.

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Topics: Terminal Emulation, Scaling, Raspberry Pi

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