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StayLinked unveils Zebra Savanna Integration

Posted by Randy Provence on May 10, 2018 10:45:00 AM

StayLinked iQ Debuts Revolutionary Platform with Zebra's Savanna

StayLinked and Zebra Technologies unveiled the first look at the integrated StayLinked iQ and Zebra Savanna platform in Malta at Zebra EMEA CPS 2018. StayLinked iQ delivers intelligence and actionable insight to Terminal Emulation customers, and, in partnership with Zebra, will continue to facilitate the development of vertically-oriented applications using edge data and associated insights from Savanna. Highlights from the presentation included a live demonstration of a Zebra mobile computers showing real-time data as the device went through a series of events, including a device being dropped to the floor, a battery replacement, and real-time streaming alerts.

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Topics: Warehouse Management System, Terminal Emulation, Zebra, StayLinked iQ, SmartTE, Modernization, Savanna

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