For over two decades, Terminal Emulation (TE) has been the go-to technology for connecting mobile devices in a fast and reliable manner to server-side, mission-critical applications. In recent years, however, enterprises have been searching for applications with a more modern, intuitive, and graphics-rich user experience. There has been an effort to replace TE with newer technologies, but these web-based and fat-client applications, unfortunately, introduce great risk, expense and significant performance and latency issues to business processes.

Come see Justin Griffith, StayLinked VP of Product Management, discuss the evolution of wireless terminal emulation technology from the early days of device-side TE to modern, server-side technology, to today's dynamic screen transformation capabilities for smartphones.

Justin will be speaking at the SOTI Sync Conference in Toronto, November 3, 2015. The SOTI Sync Conference will feature industry experts discussing the technology and strategies concerning the future of enterprise mobility. 

Justin's talk will explore the hostorical drivers of wireless terminal emulation and how modern teminal emulation has been able to solve traditional shortcomings of the technology.  Also discussed will be the opportunity to benefit from modern terminal emulation into Smart Device (Android and Apple) device installations. 

Find out how recent advances in wireless terminal emulation technology can deliver the speed, reliablility, and security of TE while taking advantage of modern smartphone features with an easy-to-use, graphically-rich user experience. 

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