As the crowd left Toronto's Ridley Aquarium there was a tangible cheer in the air. I don’t believe it was the result of the impressive array of quite well-prepared dishes or the ample supply of adult beverages, nor do I think the palpable sense of amiability was driven entirely by the exotic and beautifully presented sea life or the mermaid-costumed aerialist performing above the horseshoe crab petting tank…

It seems to me the congenial attitude had followed us from the Westin Harbor Castle Convention Center, where the leading EMM software provider SOTI is holding their inaugural global user conference - SOTI Sync 2015.

The boisterous crowd was a balanced mix of the host company's employees, resellers, and loyal customers.  Surprisingly energetic after a full second day of technical and marketing sessions, as well as the constant supply of mercifully good hotel food, the throng of technical and sales oriented attendees seemed to have energy to spare as they stream down the narrow street for more…

I am very happy to report that the SOTI executive and marketing teams are pulling off an impressively organized, educational, and polished event. I must admit I did not expect the company to execute so well with their first attempt at a global conference…in Toronto… in November!  Great Job!

A good variety of topics and speakers has set an informative and friendly tone for the event. The host company and CEO Carl Rodrigues have been in a refreshingly sharing mood regarding their current product and what seems to me to be a highly aggressive—and perhaps a bit ambitious—roadmap.  SOTI has announced plans to dive deeper into IoT and analytics. They are also working on Document Management and a Rapid Application Development capability within their product offering. 

With their extensive software development plans and their recent announcement to invest $150 million in the company, including a new corporate campus and a doubling the 450 person workforce, SOTI is stepping up their game with what appears to be a goal of dominating the Enterprise Mobilty Management space and beyond.

There is a lot of work to do to reach these lofty goals, but if the vibe at this inaugural SOTI conference is any indication, they just might get there!

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