As a leading company in the AIDC industry, we’re always looking for business partners that share our service ideals. This is why we’ve developed the StayLinked Certified Engineer Program: to identify and enable technology services and sales partners to provide the best product solution, support, and pricing.

Flexible, Reliable Real-world Applications

One of the benefits of becoming StayLinked Certified, is that it enables your team to manage the technology conversation. Blake Hodges, a Staylinked Certified RF Network Engineer at TRG, explains, "Being part of the discussion allows your technical and sales teams to anticipate your customers' future needs. As a part of your service to your customers you can bring an understanding of the product features and implementation that directly benefits your customer."

Hodges is quick to point out the reliability of StayLinked products. "The StayLinked product works; it's that simple. It does what it advertises and keeps on working without issue. It provides us with the ability to meet all customer requests with exceptional flexibility to configure every aspect of terminal emulation from input modification to screen reformatting and now to SmartTE."

And after the certification is achieved, the StayLinked support team is ready to solve any issues that may arise. "The StayLinked support staff are the best in the business," Hodges says. "A true partner in each customer deployment. Their goal is always to improve the customers’ experience and to assist their partners whether through excellent documentation or answering questions promptly or helping to diagnose an issue."

Hodges also appreciates how the StayLinked Certifcation program is focused on making sure engineers have what they need. "The certification program StayLinked has developed is more than a test of a person’s ability to memorize the right answers," he says. "It is a tool for increasing your understanding of the capabilities of StayLinked so that you can help your customers take better advantage of product features to increase their efficiency.

StayLinked congratulates Blake on being the first StayLinked Certified Engineer and thanks TRG for making the investment in their StayLinked business relationship.

 Certification Courses and Customized Training

StayLinked is proud to deliver the training and classes your team needs to take Terminal Emulation solutions to the next level. Courses are available online or by scheduling a visit to your offices. Technical training is available in multiple levels, with certification for three different tiers:

Value Added Reseller - Representatives have demonstrated expertise in standard configuration and implementation.

Solution Provider - Demonstrates expertise in typical solution stack diagnostics and advanced configuration.

System Engineer - The most technically advanced representative of the StayLinked solution and all of the most advanced features and diagnostics.

Please contact our sales team for course availablility, pricing and information.


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