Terminal emulation remains the most implemented and fastest application deployed on ruggedized mobile devices in wireless environments. It is estimated that 70% of ruggedized mobile devices run a terminal emulation solution. But for today’s touchscreen devices the market is demanding a rich and familiar user experience without sacrificing the speed, security and/or reliability of Terminal Emulation. Unfortunately, there are no new technologies to meet these requirements. Customers seem to be faced with a choice between the speed of terminal emulation and the good looks of browser-based or fat applications.


With today’s more capable, touchscreen mobile devices there is an even greater demand to provide a richer, more intuitive interface to mission-critical applications on mobile devices. Various attempts to use web-based application have proven to introduce latency, thus slowing down the application and degrading productivity.  Inserting  translation software between the mainframe application and the mobile device to improve the user interface has the same negative impact on performance. Replacing the mainframe application (and the most reliable piece of hardware in the enterprise) with an entirely new system brings with it exorbitant costs and a high level of risk.

Can you preserve the speed, reliability, and security provided by terminal emulation while realizing all the benefits provided by modern, touchscreen mobile devices?

We believe that the solution to this riddle lies in a server-side terminal emulation architecture.  Staylinked provides the fastest terminal emulation product available using a unique server-based architecture.  Our design allows for the insertion of touchscreen-friendly presentation layer elements (swipe, pinch, tapspots, etc…) through our existing server without impacting performance while continuing to deliver the inherent benefits of our architecture (session persistence, security, session management, help desk tools).

Mobile web-browser applications, thick applications, or additional servers may be good enough for applications with occasional barcode scans where security in not a concern, but for high performance, reliable, and secure scanning applications on touchscreen devices StayLinked Terminal Emulation delivers the speed and the beauty the market is demanding.  Click here to contact our Customer Support team and learn more.

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