Warehouse operation costs are greatly impacted by end user productivity and a primary productivity killer for these workers is mobile device downtime.  When the mobile device is down, the warehouse worker is 0% productive.  The best cure for downtime is to avoid it altogether by selecting the most reliable hardware and software tools for the warehouse, implementing these tools correctly, and training the workers effectively; even so, there will still be times when workers must deal with technology-driven downtime. In these situations, it is essential to have comprehensive help desk capabilities in place to maintain optimal productivity and minimize associated costs.

StayLinked Terminal Emulation includes unrivaled help desk tools designed to keep mobile workers on the job.

Warehouse technical problems associated with wireless network and application connectivity can be some of the most difficult and expensive issues to resolve.  These are the kinds of problems StayLinked is built to dramatically reduce in general, and to effectively address when they do occur. 

Below are some unique StayLinked capabilities that target these frustrating technical issues.

User/Sesssion Identification – When called to fix a problem with a mobile device, the help desk technician must be able to associate a mobile device with a telnet session.  StayLinked server software collects important data regarding the telnet sessions being run, including the username associated with each application session. This allows the help desk staff to quickly identify a problem with the telnet session, and to take steps to restore the end user's productivity

Eyes into the User’s Mobile Device – It is very useful for the help desk to be able to see what the end user is seeing as they attempt to reproduce and understand the reported problem.  Using the StayLinked Administrator console - included with the purchase of StayLinked terminal emulation license - telnet sessions can be viewed and/or controlled in real time by the help desk.  The help desk technician can witness the problem just as if he were looking over the end user's shoulder, giving him great insight into the reported issue and allowing him to work with the remote user to resolve the problem.

Contingency Plans for Mobile Device Failure – Another advantage of StayLinked’s server-side emulation model is that all telnet sessions are accessible from the centralized administrator console.  This allows live telnet sessions to be easily transferred from a damaged mobile device to a new one, if necessary.  Sessions can even be shared across multiple devices for team troubleshooting or training purposes.

Highly Detailed and USEFUL Messages and Logs – StayLinked is capable of collecting a wide range of device logs which, combined with the logs on the StayLinked server, give help desk technicians unmatched insight into the source of any technical problem. The StayLinked Client will also display informative messages on the mobile workers device screen providing feedback on the current state of device communication. Examples of feedback include network out-of-range, host not responding, and host timeout. The system also provides radio statistics, pings, and echo tests to the mobile device.

In summary, the StayLinked Administrator includes tools that will boost productivity by accelerating troubleshooting to keep end users on the job.  Help desk personnel can quickly determine the source of the problem, whether it be with the mobile device hardware, network coverage, host system, or application software.  StayLinked also gives help desk personnel the ability to fully remote control or observe a live telnet session, run diagnostics on the mobile device, collect log files, send text messages to the device, re-start the client software, re-boot the mobile device, change device configurations, execute commands, run programs, manage licenses, collect usage data, and more. A session can even be shared across multiple devices for training purposes.

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