A major source of productivity loss in the warehouse is the dropping of connections between data collection devices and the mission-critical applications on the mainframe server. A properly designed, modern terminal emulation solution can virtually eliminate dropped sessions between the mobile device and the host application. Whether the problem is poor wireless network coverage, mobile device battery issues, or mobile device reboots, the terminal emulation session will never be lost. Sessions can even be transferred to another device or shared across multiple devices. In fact, sessions can even be maintained over cellular networks when coverage is temporarily lost.


By virtually eliminating these dropped sessions with server-side terminal emulation architecture, productivity can be increased dramatically through: 

  • Reduce Support Costs – The maintenance and management of telnet sessions dramatically reduces end user product support costs. By far the most common reason for support calls related to wireless barcode scanning devices is dropped telnet sessions. By virtually eliminating dropped sessions technical support call volume is drastically reduced and driving a direct positive effect on the bottom line.
  • Increased employee job satisfaction – It is an accepted fact that happy workers are better, more productive workers. End users are often ranked and compensated on how well they do their job – on their productivity.  When end users are spending time troubleshooting issues with the help desk rather than performing important application tasks it hurts their productivity, their morale – and in many cases their paycheck. Elimination of dropped sessions allows employees to enjoy more productive, more successful employment.
  • Focusing resources on other projects – Dropped sessions are one of the biggest productivity killers in the warehouse and the costs related to this problem can be substantial. By eliminating these costs and the associated time requirements, the IT department can focus time and resources on other productivity enhancing projects.
  • Reduce spares – Dropped sessions can lead to a number of unforeseen costs. In many cases an end user will blame the mobile device hardware for dropped sessions. This can lead to the end user swapping the “problem” device for another, it can lead to frustrated employees abusing devices, and it can lead to end users hiding what they perceive as “good” devices for their own use.  These behaviors create a need for a larger population of mobile devices in the warehouse. If no mobile devices dropped sessions and are regarded as “problem” devices, there are smaller device population is required in the warehouse.

Mobile device end users and help desk personnel have become accustomed to dealing with disrupted telnet sessions (and potentially lost data) on a daily basis due to the limitations of legacy terminal emulation architecture. StayLinked’s server-side terminal emulation architecture is quick and easy to implement and virtually eliminates dropped sessions, their costs, and the associate loss in productivity. Click Here to try it free today!


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