Welcome to the new and improved-and rebranded-StayLinked blog.

And thank you for visiting.  We know that your time is valuable, and we hope that that the information we provide here will make your visits worthwhile. 


I’ll start this initial post by answering a very basic question:  Whither StayLinked?

Those of you who know the StayLinked family are familiar with the tragedies with which we have been faced in the past year and a half. These events have led us to take an in-depth look at what’s important to our company.  As a result of that introspect, we’ve developed a simple yet earnest guiding tenet:

“Our mission is to be the most innovative and well-respected software provider in the markets we serve by continuing our commitment to total customer satisfaction.”

We define our “customers” to include the end users who interact with StayLinked software on a daily basis, as well as their supervisors and IT support administrators; the resellers and distributors who make up our channel sales force; and the hardware and software manufacturers with whom we work closely to make sure that StayLinked software is available for the varied environments in which StayLinked can make a difference in productivity and profit.

By focusing on our obligations and commitments to all of our customers as the most important factors in our business operations, our StayLinked family has endured. 

With this re-launch of our blog, together with a new presence on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and our newly modernized branding, we’re moving forward to continue the success we’ve enjoyed as a result of our focus on total customer satisfaction.

Whatever type of customer you may be, I invite you to join in our success. 

And I invite you to visit this blog regularly. Future posts will focus on issues and topics that we hope will help you optimize your business and your StayLinked experience. 


 StayLinked CEO

Gary Brewsaugh
President and CEO
StayLinked Corporation