Trio Leuchten needed to improve productivity in their order picking processes.They chose SmartTE and Evolve.

CUSTOMER: Trio Leuchten

INDUSTRY: Consumer Decorative Home Lighting

SOLUTION: StayLinked SmartTE and StayLinked Evolve

About StayLinked

StayLinked is the proven market leader in Terminal Emulation for the supply chain industry and continues to drive innovation with the most advanced software solutions available for the warehouse. StayLinked enables customers to easily migrate to state-of-the-art devices, measure and optimize productivity with cutting-edge business intelligence, and interface with ground-breaking technologies in the areas of automation, robotics, and emerging IIoT technologies. For more than two decades, StayLinked has delivered revolutionary software products with unparalleled customer satisfaction and world-class support to hundreds of partners and thousands of customers around the globe.

The Customer

Trio Leuchten was founded in 1991 in Arnsberg, Sauerland. Today, over for 30 years later, the company is one of the leading specialists in decorative home lighting. Innovative product ideas, a high degree of flexibility and a constant customer-oriented way of thinking and acting, are the pillars of Trio Leuchten’s success. The Trio Lighting Group currently employs around 270 people and operates in over 30 countries, including joint ventures in Italy, Spain, and Scandinavia. A notable milestone in Trio Leuchten’s success story was the construction of its new company headquarters in Vosswinkel (Voßwinkel) which opened in 2019.

The Challenge

Like many warehouse operations, Trio Leuchten suffered from the number one productivity killer: dropped sessions. With 100 Honeywell mobile devices deployed within the picking process, dropped sessions occurred as a result of workers moving out of Wi-Fi range or their devices having low battery power. The dropped sessions were causing major disruptions to productivity and needed to be resolved.

Additionally, Trio Leuchten’s previous terminal emulation (TE) software did not allow the configuration of mobile devices from a central location, so changing even the smallest setting was a huge and time-consuming task.

The Solution

StayLinked partner, Scheffer & Hille, worked closely with Manuel Nieder, Trio Leuchten’s Software Developer, to replace its legacy TE solution with StayLinked’s SmartTE software and to deploy Evolve, StayLinked’s no-code technology adoption software platform.

“SmartTE and its True Session Persistence is invaluable. Crashed sessions, and all the associated disruptive consequences, are a thing of the past and the ability to configure the SmartTE client from a central location is a big advantage. Both features play a vital role in increasing our operational efficiencies”

— Manuel Nieder, Software Developer, Trio Leuchten

SmartTE’s multiple features open up endless possibilities to enhance Trio Leuchten’s warehouse operations. For example, allowing the implementation of different applications on mobile devices without having to touch the source code of the application.

“In very short time we have been able to implement application workflow enhancements we previously thought would not be possible. We can create graphical interfaces or automate operations with no problems. It is even possible to display images of items within the warehouse, which helps our workers more easily identify items to be picked. A capability I would not normally expect from a TE solution!”

— Manuel Nieder, Software Developer, Trio Leuchten

One of the strengths of StayLinked SmartTE is that it enables the deployment of Evolve, StayLinked’s no-code technology adoption software platform. Evolve is fast becoming the enabler for the evolution of warehouse operations through the adoption of new technologies.

Evolve provides the glue that quickly, easily and seamlessly connects new technologies to an existing warehouse management system (WMS) providing a low-risk, low-cost approach to new technology adoption. 

Evolve enables the WMS to ‘talk’ the same language as new technologies so that they can be plugged-in to the WMS without the need for costly, disruptive, and risky integration. Existing workflows are quickly and easily augmented without the requirement for coding or scripting.

“Evolve was the key element in helping us to meet Trio Leuchten’s requirement for a solution that enabled it to equip warehouse employees with the ProGlove MARK Display, a wearable scanner with a smart display, enabling order picking to be conducted using both hands.”

— Sebastian Finke, Scheffer & Hille’s Managing Director

StayLinked’s SmartTE True Session Persistence has eliminated lost productivity and disruption from dropped sessions. SmartTE has also made it much quicker and easier for Trio Leuchten to configure mobile device applications. 

The Results

Elimination of Dropped Sessions
The deployment of StayLinked SmartTE combined with its True Session Persistence has enabled Trio Leuchten to eliminate dropped sessions, which were hampering productivity. 

Centralized Configuration and Management 
The ability to configure the SmartTE client from a central location delivered increased operational efficiencies and saved many IT hours and warehouse downtime. 

Future-proofed Warehouse Operations
SmartTE has provided Trio Leuchten with endless opportunities to enhance its warehouse operations by implementing mobile device applications without the need to touch the source code.

StayLinked’s Evolve enables Trio Leuchten to quickly and easily adopt new and emerging IIoT technologies that will continue to enhance its warehouse operations to meet customers’ demands today, and tomorrow.

“StayLinked’s SmartTE and Evolve have revolutionized our warehouse operations.”

— Peter Schulte, Head of Logistics, Trio Leuchten