A Smart Terminal Emulation Solution 

For decades, terminal emulation has been the go-to solution in warehouses around the world. In fact, almost two-thirds of warehouses use terminal emulation, because it is incredibly fast and works seamlessly with warehouse management systems (WMS), and enterprise resource planning software (ERP).

However, the industry faces a barrage of internal and external challenges. The need for heightened efficiencies is driving a seismic shift in the landscape, with warehouse and logistics organizations under pressure to streamline processes, save time, and reduce costs, without reshaping or reinventing their existing systems. These challenges are rendering traditional, old-fashioned, terminal emulation solutions obsolete.

On top of that, devices within warehouses are evolving as swiftly as consumer gadgets. The demand for a graphical and touchscreen user experience is now non-negotiable, while new operating systems have emerged, enabling devices to run diverse applications, mirroring the technological influences from consumer devices.

The “Dropped Session” Conundrum

One of the most significant challenges plaguing warehouse and logistics managers is the critical issue of dropped sessions, a phenomenon that exists in virtually every warehouse. But the reality is, this issue often goes unnoticed or unreported because it is routinely mistaken for other issues: ‘my device locked up’, ‘my application crashed’, ‘the order closed unexpectedly’, ‘the confirmation won’t complete’ or worse yet, ‘the system is down’.

In nearly all cases, the truth is much simpler: the session on the device was lost because the device was out of network range. The device was not locked up, the application was not crashing, and the system was, in fact, running as it should.

So, what actually happened?

In short, due to it’s outdated architecture, the terminal emulation software that was being used could not maintain the session, and the resulting dropped session caused chaos for the worker and the warehouse.

Losing connections between the device and the back-end application, resulting in tasks being abandoned midstream, is no longer acceptable. While connectivity issues are inevitable, the fallout in terms of dropped sessions should not be tolerated. The operational cost is much too high.

Unfortunately, many companies are still silently tolerating these instances repeatedly throughout the working week. A single incident of a lost session can undermine the warehouse efficiency that warehouse and operations managers work so hard to achieve. These workflow disruptions can compromise orders in progress (or wipe them out completely), force unplanned work stoppages, call for immediate IT department intervention, and ultimately require that workers restart the task from the beginning.

A Smarter Solution

SmartTE doesn't just deliver improved performance; it heralds a revolution in warehouse efficiency. It dynamically transforms traditional terminal emulation into intuitive screens and buttons, seamlessly transitioning greenscreen interfaces into sleek, modern touchscreens.

However, what really sets SmartTE apart from other terminal emulation solutions is its architecture, which eliminates the pervasive problem of dropped sessions. With SmartTE, the worker's session is securely housed on the StayLinked server, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity to the Warehouse Management System (WMS) even if the device loses connectivity. A quick reconnect effortlessly brings the worker back to the exact workflow point without any data loss, protecting the warehouse from lost time, increased costs, and decreased productivity.

Embracing the Future with SmartTE

While terminal emulation remains a cornerstone in warehouse operations, SmartTE represents the dawn of a smarter era. It goes beyond being just a solution; it's the ticket to staying ahead of the curve. As the industry continues its relentless evolution, SmartTE stands ready to address both external and internal pressures, ensuring that warehouse operations not only adapt, but thrive amidst the dynamic changes in the industry.

In a landscape where efficiency, time savings, and cost reduction are paramount, SmartTE emerges as the transformative force that redefines how warehouses operate. It's not merely an upgrade; it's a strategic investment in the future of warehouse management. By embracing SmartTE, warehouses can navigate the challenges posed by traditional terminal emulation, elevate their operational efficiency, and proactively position themselves to meet the demands of an ever-evolving industry.

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