StayLinked Supports Zebra Technologies' Ground-breaking WS50

StayLinked has announced its support for Zebra Technologies’ newly released WS50, the world’s smallest enterprise-class wearable Android mobile computer. The ultra-compact, fully functional mobile computing device with a built-in barcode scanner can be worn on the wrist, across two fingers, or on the back of the hand as a ring scanner.

“Our support includes integration of the WS50 with Evolve, StayLinked’s robust and highly-secure integration platform supported by our SmartTE software, enabling supply chain organizations to future-proof their legacy systems and take advantage of new and emerging Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies,” explained Justin Griffith, chief technology officer, StayLinked.

WATCH: Pair the Zebra WS50 with any device, and easily share sessions.

Evolve gives WS50 wearers the ability to activate and communicate with new and emerging IIoT devices such as Fetch Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), and Zebra’s HD4000 Enterprise Head-Mounted Displays.

“As a Zebra partner and a member of the Zebra Early Adopter Program we can see the potential wide-ranging applications and capabilities that StayLinked’s integration with the uniquely versatile WS50 can deliver,” continued Griffith.

StayLinked Evolve enables the rapid and seamless integration of hardware platforms such as the WS50 and Fetch AMR into a customer’s existing environment. The integration requires no coding, no scripting, and no changes to the customer’s applications.

This integration presents significant innovative opportunities for StayLinked’s channel partners and their customers as the WS50 and other IIoT devices are immediately accessible by two-thirds of the rugged data collection market using legacy TE software.

“StayLinked Evolve’s integration with Zebra’s WS50 gives our channel partners and their customers an easily deployable IIoT peripheral as a stand-alone wearable Android device and an IIoT hub, all in one versatile platform,” said Griffith.

WATCH: Take a deep dive into StayLinked and the Zebra WS50

The WS50 has been designed for scan-intensive workflows with a limited user interface (UI). Converged Scan models are ideal for loading trucks, sorting boxes, and item put-away, where workers scan frequently, needing only limited on-screen instructions.

With the WS50 Wrist Core model, supervisors can communicate with workers via PTT or push messages and tasks. Users interact with a simple menu-driven UI optimized for the two-inch display.

The WS50 supports 14˚ F to 122˚ F operation (not freezer) and is designed for rugged industrial use cases.

The WS50 opens the door for StayLinked partners and their customers to deploy many new cutting-edge enhancements to existing workflows by supporting the full suite of its Evolve partners’ solutions.


WATCH: Padraig Regan, StayLinked's Chief Product Officer, showcases the Zebra WS50

“With the introduction of the WS50, Zebra is once again demonstrating why it is a leader in the rugged wearable technology sector – the WS50 really is in a class of its own, and StayLinked is excited to be supporting this cutting-edge device,” concluded Griffith.