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Critical issues to examine when selecting and deploying an RF/Wireless terminal solution. 

On the surface, the functionality provided by all RF/Wireless terminal solutions currently being offered in the marketplace can appear to be largely similar. Typically, it’s only once a solution is deployed and placed into production within your specific environments, with your specific applications, accessed by your specific users, that you discover some of the major challenges. There are many issues that will negatively impact your ability to achieve the 100% productivity gains desired by using RF/Wireless terminals if the chosen solution does not feature the functionality required to properly deal with them.

The goal of this white paper is to call attention to certain critical issues that affect the overall performance and usability of an RF/ Wireless terminal solution. Also provided in this white paper are suggested testing methods which can be used to evaluate exactly how a given solution deals with these critical issues, highlighting how it will react in a production mode.