Today's blog revisits how StayLinked solved a chronic warehouse connectivity issue for a national sporting goods retail chain, saving their holiday sales season.  This was in the early days of Staylinked Terminal Emulation (imagine how much it can do for you now!) and is a great example of what we have become famous for - Solving problems that no other product can! The retailer currently uses StayLinked in 450 stores in 45 states, with over 2,300 concurrent users connecting to a single server.

Success Story: StayLinked to The Rescue

Situation: Wireless Problems Just Before The Christmas Sales Season

Just before Thanksgiving, 2003, StayLinked was contacted by a wireless solutions reseller regarding a customer that was having major wireless terminal connection reliability problems with their new terminal emulation installation. The reseller had recommended the “default” terminal emulator with a large hardware sale, and desperately needed an alternative that would solve the customer’s technical issues and save the sale.

The reseller’s customer was a nationwide sporting goods retailer with 200+ locations using a total of 800+ RF/Wireless terminal devices for in-store labeling and price checks.

With the existing terminal emulation, mobile device users were experiencing connectivity problems due to network issues, out-of-range situations, changing batteries, user errors, device resets, etc.

The negative impact on store productivity was seriously affecting the sales process. With their peak Christmas selling season just around the corner, both the customer and the reseller were in serious need of a solution. The customer could no longer live with devices losing their connection and losing up to 2 hours of productivity before the device could be reconnected and used again.

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Solution: StayLinked Terminal Emulation

The reseller found StayLinked, and suggested that the customer try StayLinked terminal emulation.  Successful testing was completed within days, and the customer immediately made the decision to move forward with the StayLinked solution.

StayLinked server software was quickly installed on the customer's IBM iSeries host computer, accessed by all of the stores. Simultaneously, StayLinked thin-client software was deployed to the 800+ wireless devices spanning the 200+ store locations -- ALL WITHIN 5 DAYS!

The connectivity issues?  StayLinked recovers from those situations and allows the wireless user to resume work immediately following the temporary disruptions. StayLinked automatically reconnects the remote device to its existing emulation session exactly where it was before the interruption—at the same screen and cursor location—without IT, helpdesk, or in-store supervision assistance.

Result:  The Customer Had The Solution It Needed In Time To Maximize Sales For The Busy Holiday Season

The productivity of the customer’s in-store personnel and IT staff was preserved. The reseller saved their sale by providing a solution to the customer. And StayLinked demonstrated its unique value under extremely demanding conditions.

In the customer’s own words, “Hundreds of daily helpdesk calls just went away because of StayLinked”.

In the 12 years since finding StayLinked, the retailer has been through numerous hardware refreshes and upgrades—but they’ve continued to use it as their only terminal emulation solution.

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