Customizable Transparency and Full-Screen Capabilities Solve Hardware Industry's Touchscreen Data Entry Challenges.

StayLinked Corporation, the leader in modern Terminal Emulation solutions, announced today that Smart Keyboard for SmartTE is available for Android devices.

Introduced at the Zebra NALA Sales Kickoff in New Orleans on January 30, 2017, Smart Keyboard is the latest addition to StayLinked's innovative SmartTE Terminal Emulation product. Developed in close collaboration with mobile device manufacturers for cutting-edge devices (e.g., Zebra's TC8000 and WT6000, Datalogic's DL-Axist, and Honeywell's CT50), StayLinked Smart Keyboard allows users to maximize productivity on devices with touchscreens and no physical keyboard.

With Smart Keyboard, on-screen keyboards no longer obscure the underlying application. This new feature delivers keyboard configuration options which increase productivity through innovative user experience.

"It's a source of great satisfaction that StayLinked has once again met a very real problem the industry is facing with such a feature-rich solution," said Gary Brewsaugh, StayLinked's CEO. "We are deeply invested in helping warehouses modernize their Terminal Emulation applications and our Smart Keyboard feature solves the difficult issue of simultaneously viewing keyboards and input fields on the same screen."

Developed with Industry Leaders Around the Globe

Of particular importance is the success the Smart Keyboard is already having on productivity for customer workforces around the globe, including major clothing manufacturers and outdoor recreational companies. These customers have been an integral part of ensuring that the technology, capabilities, and features of the StayLinked Smart Keyboard meet the highest standards and requirements on a global scale.

"We have developed this product in collaboration with device manufacturers, software providers, and customers," said StayLinked CTO, Justin Griffith. "One thing we could all agree on was that the process of migrating to new technologies needs to be easier. Smart Keyboard is a perfect example of what can happen when you reconcile a modern OS and innovative devices with the requirement that all this technology must work well out-of-the-box."

Solving challenges of touchscreen devices with an Innovative User Experience

StayLinked Smart Keyboard delivers the best possible user experience on touch-only devices because the Smart Keyboard feature allows workers to utilize the entire screen, no longer sacrificing usability for the sake of screen space. In fact, with Smart Keyboard, customers retain all their application's functionality, which enables seamless migration to Android and to new state-of-the-art form factors without ever having to touch the host application.

Smart Keyboard Features :

  • Configurable Keyboard Transparency

  • Full-Screen Keyboards

  • Screen-Aligned Configurations

  • Physical Key Mapping

  • Swipe to Change Keyboards

  • Tap-and-Hold Touch-Fade Capabilities

About StayLinked

Since 2002, StayLinked has driven innovation with software-only emulation session persistence; centralized session configuration, control, and management of wireless emulation sessions (Telnet/SSH); terminal emulation application modernization (SmartTE), and the only Business Intelligence product designed for terminal emulation environments (StayLinked iQ). StayLinked software is available for all popular mobile devices from those running traditional operating systems such as DOS, CE, and Windows Mobile to the latest versions of Android, iOS and Windows 10.