Listen to StayLinked, VDC, and The New Warehouse Discuss Supply Chain Resilience 

In this week's episode of The New Warehouse Podcast, Justin Griffith, CTO at StayLinked, and David Krebs, EVP of Enterprise Mobility and AIDC at VDC Research Group, reveal groundbreaking insights from their latest research, "Making Supply Chain Resilience Work: Keeping Up with Ever-Demanding Warehouse Operations." Discover the complexities and future trends of supply chain operations, warehouse resilience, and technology adoption; an essential listen for those navigating the dynamic warehousing and supply chain management landscape.

Tune in to hear the full discussion (Parts 1 & 2).


Key Takeaways

  • Labor Optimization and Worker Experience: There is a growing emphasis on improving labor optimization and the worker experience. This includes adopting technologies that streamline workflows and reduce warehouse workers’ physical and cognitive load.
  • Adoption of Locationing Systems: There is a growing adoption of locationing systems in warehouse operations to enhance operational visibility.
  • Importance of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS): The study emphasizes the correlation between the age and investment in WMS and a company’s ability to adopt new technologies successfully. Up-to-date systems facilitate better integration and utilization of new technologies.

   Click the link below to download the full report.