Listen to StayLinked CTO, Justin Griffith, and The New Warehouse Discuss Technology Adoption in the Warehouse

In this episode, The New Warehouse Podcast is joined by the CTO of StayLinked, Justin Griffith, where he discusses StayLinked’s solution, what a legacy system is and how our software can help your legacy system interface with new technology. Justin gives a great breakdown of how a lot of our mobile devices are operating in the warehousing space. Throughout the supply chain, any box you receive has touched at least one legacy system throughout its life cycle. He also discusses how, in some cases, the term legacy system is thrown around as a potential sales or marketing tactic and he points out that it should not always be taken in a negative light.

new-warehouse-listen — Technology Adoption with No Coding, No Scripting! is a technology-adoption platform for the supply chain that empowers workers with intelligent automation and IIoT solutions. The platform allows terminal emulation (TE) systems to interact with new and emerging technologies without the complications and high cost associated with other approaches.

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