We are proud to announce that StayLinked continued its impressive growth in 2019 by recording another year of double-digit increase in revenues and strengthened its presence in the European market with an astounding 51% increase in revenues from the previous year.
Padraig Regan, General Manager of StayLinked Europe and Director of StayLinked Labs, confirms that 2019 was a hugely successful year which continued to strengthen StayLinked's reputation in the region. “We’ve been increasingly successful over the years as our reputation for delivering great products and customer service has grown.” He continues, “The numbers are great, but we're not driven by them. We're building strong relationships with our channel partners, manufacturers and ISVs. We're innovating and collaborating continually. We're being acknowledged as industry influencers and leaders. We're building for the future and the nice thing is that growth and market share will come with that. It's a very exciting time to be at StayLinked.”

StayLinked Reinforces Industry Expertise

StayLinked announced the hiring of industry veteran Ron Caines who agreed to join StayLinked as its Vice President of Channel Sales. Ron’s most recent role was as Vice President of Global Sales at AetherPal, a company specializing in remote support and interactive training for mobile devices. Prior to joining AetherPal, Ron was the Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at B2M Solutions, a UK company focused on the development of mobile device analytics. Previously, Ron was the President of Worldwide Sales and Services for Psion Corporation.

"Ron’s hiring comes in response to proven demand for StayLinked products around the world,” said Dan Hogan, President of StayLinked. “Companies are increasingly migrating from legacy terminal emulation to the reliability and security of the StayLinked architecture and Ron’s experience collaborating with partners and customers to help identify business needs is vital in increasing StayLinked’s growth around the globe.”

StayLinked also hired Robert Adcox and John Full­er, two well-respected technical experts from the two leading supply chain mobile device manufacturers. Robert Adcox is a Strategic Systems Engineer who has worked in the industry for more than 20 years and comes to StayLinked after a 9-year stint at Honeywell. John Fuller is a Senior Systems Engineer who has worked with digital systems for more than 30 years with companies such as Zebra, Motorola, Psion Teklogix, and Microsoft.

“Having these two talented systems engineers elevates StayLinked’s capabilities to new heights,” says Justin Griffith, CTO of StayLinked. “It can’t be overstated what the experience of Robert and John brings to our team, especially as we launch new products, such as SmartTEK.

Additionally, StayLinked announced further expansion in Europe with the hiring of Guido Grefen as Technical Account Manager. Guido was responsible for designing, implementing, and supporting the very first StayLinked installations in Europe while at Rodata, a value-added reseller specializing in AutoID. While at Rodata, Guido maintained strong connections with StayLinked for an extensive period of time, working with StayLinked and Psion Teklogix while the two companies were OEM partners.

“I’m really excited to be expanding the team again here in EMEA,” says Padraig Regan, General Manager, EMEA for StayLinked. “I’m delighted that Guido is joining us. Our team is the best in the industry and Guido’s knowledge and experience in this space are well-known and respected and he will prove invaluable in increasing StayLinked's growth in the region.”

StayLinked Releases SmartTEK, the only Android solution for TekTerm

On November 1, 2019, StayLinked and Zebra Technologies officially released SmartTEK to support TekTerm TE for Android™-based Zebra mobile computers. SmartTEK provides customers a migration path to easily transition their legacy devices to more modern, feature-rich mobile computers. Zebra offers the StayLinked SmartTEK solution for customers using MIS/TekRF solutions who want to migrate to Android allowing customers with SAP and IBM host applications to run on Zebra Android devices. The SmartTEK solution is also a replacement for customers using MIS/TekRF to emulate SAP applications, IBM 5250 and 3270, and VT emulations.

“We continue to lead innovation in the terminal emulation space,” says Justin Griffith. “This is another opportunity for us to help users not only migrate from operating systems that are being phased out, but it’s also a chance for us to help customers extend the functionality of their applications and optimize their processes. We’re in a position to help customers quickly bring these entrenched systems into the new world of cutting-edge technology such as hardware automation, location awareness, and IoT sensor integration.”

As the former President of Worldwide Sales at Psion Teklogix, Ron Caines is quick to point out the benefits the StayLinked approach brings to TekTerm users. “Customers will be able to take advantage of their tried-and-true host applications in new and exciting ways,” he says. “And they will be able to accomplish this without any disruption to their current processes, or modifications to any of their host systems.

For more than a decade, StayLinked was the premier Terminal Emulation solution for Psion Teklogix (now Zebra) environments and we continue to offer the most reliable server-based solution on the market. We’re excited to extend and enhance TekTerm for Zebra’s Android-based mobile devices.”

Honeywell Extends SmartTE Offering on State-of-the-Art Devices

As many of you know, Honeywell SmartTE powered by StayLinked is pre-installed and pre-licensed on select Honeywell mobile computers, and users of the device do not need to acquire a license for the terminal emulation solution. Honeywell offers SmartTE for purchase on many other Android mobile computers. The partnership was extended in 2019 to other Honeywell mobile computers running the Android operating system, including the CT60 and CT40.  

Pre-Licenced devices offering Honeywell SmartTE powered by StayLinked now include:

  • Honeywell CK65
  • Honeywell CN80
  • Honeywell EDA60K
  • Honeywell VM1A

"Our relationship with Honeywell has been incredibly valuable and has been an important part of our growth," says Jay Cichosz, StayLinked Vice President of Business Development and Marketing. "The ability to offer customers a licensed pre-installed StayLinked client has been critical in showing the market the powerful aspects of StayLinked's unified server architecture. To have that validated by the likes of Honeywell sends a powerful message to the industry."



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