Inovity is now StayLinked Certified

We're pleased to announce that Inovity, an Elite StayLinked Partner, recently completed StayLinked top-tier training and certification. “We are very excited to take this deeper step in our partnership with StayLinked," said Inovity President, Jack A. Tinsley, Jr.  "Their response to the market’s need to bring legacy applications to modern mobile operating systems is unparalleled. This, combined with StayLinked’s core capabilities as a high speed, scalable and secure terminal emulation platform make it an incredible value to our clients.”

StayLinked is likewise thrilled to have another member in a fast-growing list of partners committed to StayLinked Certification. “We’re proud of our partnership with Inovity and excited that they have made a commitment to offering engineering resources with StayLinked Certification,” said Jay Cichosz, Vice President of Marketing at StayLinked. "It makes a difference to the level of customer service our users can expect when they team up with a StayLinked partner with Certified Engineer status." 

As an Elite Partner with a Certified Engineer and three Certified SmartTE Solution Providers, Inovity is delivering premier StayLinked services including installations, upgrades, and terminal emulation modernization with SmartTE. The advanced SmartTE training will further enable Inovity's efforts in migrating customers' mobile operations to modern operation systems such as Android and Windows10. 

A Team of Experts

Inovity is a business process improvement company that uses data automation technologies to develop powerful, integrated solutions that help companies drive efficiency, improve visibility, extend connectivity and reduce costs.  As a specialty IT systems integrator, Inovity designs, develops and delivers innovative systems that connect and relay crucial business information between all points of operational activity, in real time. StayLinked has certified the following Inovity engineers:

  • George Allen, Sr. Applications Engineer, StayLinked Certified Engineer

  • Bob Roloff, Systems Engineer, StayLinked Certified Solution Provider

  • Torvis Thomas, Jr. Systems Engineer/Support Associate, StayLinked Certified Solution Provider

  • Debbie DeLoe, Service Desk Associate, StayLinked Certified Solution Provider

 Certification Courses and Customized Training

StayLinked is proud to deliver the training and classes your team needs to take Terminal Emulation solutions to the next level. Courses are available online or by scheduling a visit to your offices. Technical training is available in multiple levels, with certification for three different tiers:

Value Added Reseller - Representatives have demonstrated expertise in standard configuration and implementation.

Solution Provider - Demonstrates expertise in typical solution stack diagnostics and advanced configuration.

System Engineer - The most technically advanced representative of the StayLinked solution and all of the most advanced features and diagnostics.

Contact our sales team for course availability, pricing and information.


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