Watch StayLinked CTO, Justin Griffith, and BlueStar Discuss Warehouse Technology Adoption  

Supply chain came under a lot of scrutiny around this time last year as stay-at-home orders swept the world and people found themselves in need of more supplies, food and fundamentals than we typically keep on hand. It’s easy to assume that all the cool new tech we know is available for warehouses would make it easy to pivot to meet higher demand, but what you may not know is that there is a lot of hesitancy to adopt it. In the episode below, StayLinked CTO Justin Griffith joins the BlueStar team to get to the bottom of this.

What’s preventing new tech adoption? How have legacy systems become so entrenched? Where do we start the conversation to move forward? And how does this affect hardware sales? It’s an episode that has you rethinking green screens. — Technology Adoption with No Coding, No Scripting! is a technology-adoption platform for the supply chain that empowers workers with intelligent automation and IIoT solutions. The platform allows terminal emulation (TE) systems to interact with new and emerging technologies without the complications and high costs associated with other approaches.

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