Smart Keyboard: Making the Most of Your Touchscreens

The modernized approach to Terminal Emulation has been presented with one challenge after another, from devices without physical keyboards to new operating systems with limited support. At every step, StayLinked has met the challenge and delivered solutions to customers with unparalleled success. But no modernization challenge has been as difficult to surmount as limited real estate on smaller screens. In response, StayLinked has delivered a speedy, and elegant, solution: we’re proud to announce the fully-functional StayLinked Smart Keyboard for all Android devices.

Developed with Industry Leaders around the Globe

Introduced at the Zebra NALA Sales Kickoff in New Orleans on January 30, 2017, Smart Keyboard is the latest addition to StayLinked’s innovative SmartTE Terminal Emulation product. Developed in close collaboration with mobile device manufacturers for cutting-edge devices (e.g., Zebra’s TC8000 and WT6000, Datalogic’s DL-Axist, and Honeywell’s CT50), StayLinked Smart Keyboard allows users to maximize productivity on devices with touchscreens and no physical keyboard.

Most importantly, Smart Keyboard is already proving its value in customer workforces around the globe, including major clothing manufacturers and outdoor recreational companies. These  customers have been an integral part of ensuring that the technology, capabilities, and features of the StayLinked Smart Keyboard meet the highest standards and requirements on a global scale.



Solving Touchscreens with an Innovative User Experience

Smart Keyboard delivers the best possible user experience on touch-only devices. Because Smart Keyboard allows users to utilize the entire screen, they must no longer sacrifice usability for the sake of screen space. In fact, with Smart Keyboard, customers retain all of their application’s functionality which enables seamless migration to Android and to new state-of-the-art form factors without ever having to touch the host application.

Smart Keyboard Features

Configurable Transparency
This feature allows the user to see input fields in the background while typing.


Full-Screen Keyboards
Keyboards can now fill the screen, making it easy for users to enter error-free data while still seeing the active input field.


Screen-Aligned Configurations
Many apps have left aligned screen content, so Smart Keyboard makes use of right-aligned keyboards on the screen. This allows customers yet another way of optimizing the user experience and customize it for their application.


 Physical Key-Mapping
Smart Keyboard allows users to map physical keys to pop and drop any keyboard, at any time, for total flexibility and control over the data input experience.


Swipe to Change Keyboards
With the StayLinked Smart Keyboard, users can easily swipe across any of the keyboards to flip between different keyboard layout styles and configurations. 


Tap-and-Hold Touch-Fade Capabilities
Smart Keyboard allows the user to automatically increase keyboard transparency without dismissing the background screen by simply tapping and holding the keyboard.


SmartTE with Smart Keyboard:
The Only TE Modernization That Works Out-of-the Box!

StayLinked SmartTE with the Smart Keyboard ensures you can apply touchscreen capabilities to your warehouse applications right out of the box. You may have seen some approaches to Terminal Emulation that claim to modernize the backend application on your device with ease. But if you talk to anyone who has actually tried these software approaches, you’ll often hear the same refrain: It doesn’t work. At StayLinked, the folks we’ve talked to who are actively looking for an alternative are amazed at not only how well SmartTE works, but how easy it is to use. And with Smart Keyboard, StayLinked is once again leading the way to true out-of-the-box TE modernization.

The StayLinked Fair Licensing Policy

If you're running Terminal Emulation using one of our competitors' approaches, odds are you're paying for licenses that are not in use. It's that simple. Unfortunately, with device-side licensing, the devices that aren't being used (devices sitting in cradles, devices that aren't working, device in lockers and drawers, and devices that are being repaired) are all unnecessarily using licenses you've paid for. This can be an added and invisible expense that many customers may not be aware of.

With StayLinked, license are only required by devices in use. Because of StayLinked's unique centralized architecture, licensing is handled only when devices connect through the central server. This ensures you pay for the licenses you use, and not your entire inventory of mobile devices.

And with StayLinked iQ you can manage your permanent and temporary licenses in an easy-to-use interface that gives you visibility into usage patterns, so you can see what's going on. From there, optimization is a snap. Other systems simply can't do that.

Superior Single-Server Architecture

StayLinked's fully-integrated architecture uses a single server to handle your business processes: TE application clients, session persistence, modernized screen design, fair licensing, and business intelligence. 

Everything you need for TE in your warehouse can be done with one StayLinked server. That means that installation is easy (less than 10 minutes) and maintenance is minimal. With StayLinked, upkeep is easy and inexpensive, and because it's tightly-integrated, administration is simple.

Other approaches, however, require multiple servers to accomplish a lot less than what the StayLinked solution offers. This means more headaches during the installation process and ongoing support for troubleshooting multiple servers that may not even be in the same location.

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About StayLinked

For over 20 years StayLinked has been delivering world-class solutions for mission-critical, host-based systems in the warehousing, manufacturing, transportation, and retail industries. It was our deep understanding of these host-based systems that led our team of technology experts to introduce a new paradigm in terminal emulation and session management for mobile devices.