Measuring Warehouse Productivity

In the previous weeks on the StayLinked Blog we’ve discussed how StayLinked SmartTE enables you to leverage new devices in modernizing Terminal Emulation applications. This week, we’re highlighting one of the more advanced features of the SmartTE environment: StayLinked iQ.

StayLinked iQ is a web-based business intelligence tool that is designed with Terminal Emulation in mind. It allows you to accurately measure the productivity of your warehouse operations by collecting, analyzing, and presenting device and worker information in ways that makes sense: Now you can see at a glance (and in-depth) how productive your warehouse is. It also enables you to diagnose and troubleshoot any inefficiencies due to worker inactivity, network outages, or a number of other issues you may not have known existed.

Solving Problems of the Workforce + Devices

Determining how your warehouses, workers, and devices perform has always been a mix of intuition and instinct. It’s easy to recognize failure when the entire network goes down, or if a worker doesn’t show for a shift, or if a device refuses to reboot. But that’s hardly a blueprint for optimizing your business processes. Another feature of StayLinked iQ is the worker productivity leaderboard, an easy-to-read list of workers who are the most productive as well as a list of workers who are having the most issues on the floor. You can then use StayLinked iQ to diagnose and remedy issues of worker inactivity or inefficiency that may not even be the fault of the workers themselves, such as enormous travel distances between products in an order, or poor network coverage because of the remote location of a particular access point. 

StayLinked iQ also allows you to see which devices are performing better than others. If you have a mix of hardware in production, you can use StayLinked iQ to see how each model stacks up against the others. And if one or more devices happen to be giving your workers trouble, StayLinked iQ will help identify the problem devices so you can initiate troubleshooting.  

Testing and Optimizing Your Warehouse

Analytics are only useful if they allow you identify the issues that cause concerns, and then help you to make the right decisions that improve productivity. By allowing you to compare locations, warehouses, workers, and devices, StayLinked iQ lets you apply A/B testing principles to your warehouse environments so that you can optimize the peak performers and improve the productivity of warehouses that might be experiencing problems.

Embrace the Future with an Embedded BI Solution

While many analytics and business intelligence solutions try to become all things to all people, StayLinked iQ is designed specifically for Terminal Emulation environments. And because it’s an embedded component of the StayLinked Server and the StayLinked SmartTE client, you now have insights into your business processes that were previously unattainable. And because of the StayLinked architecture's centralized design, your warehouse can embrace cutting-edge advancements such as drone technology and augmented reality. StayLinked iQ will allow you to interface with these technologies to gain visibility into how they are improving your processes and where they may be having difficulty.

Reliable Change Management

Commitment to innovation can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With StayLinked iQ, managing the changes you make to your processes becomes a much easier task than it's been in the past. You can now make adjustments to your warehouse without having to second-guess every option, and with StayLinked iQ you now have the relevant data to support the critical decisions you have to make. Trying to determine which device to purchase, or what improvements to make at which warehouse is made much easier by using a business intelligence tool that was designed specifically for Terminal Emulation applications. With StayLinked iQ, you can make farsighted decisions using relevant data that can only be gathered using one tool.

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